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Sponsor a person with an intellectual disability from a disadvantaged home, allowing them to access daily intensive individualised training and support


Disability Etiquette tip

Avoid using stereotypes in your thinking. People with disabilities have different personalities and different preferences about how to do things

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Disability Etiquette tip

Treat adults as adults. Use the same tone of voice you use when speaking to anyone else.

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What is Supported Employment?

• Open job market employment

• Fair wages and benefits

• Inclusiveness regardless of severity of disability

• Individualized and on-going support

• Choices and career development

Our Work

Our values. We focus on:

• People first, disability second

• Abilities and competence and not limitations

• Individualised support; we work with each person’s unique needs and preference

• Holistic support needed for success – vocational, physical, emotional, social, and environmental

• Promoting choice, independence and success.

• Empowering and strengthen people with intellectual disabilities’ support networks

About Us

Why hire a person with an intellectual disability?

. great attendance records

. lower turnover

. Tax incentives

. Fresh perspective and business innovation

. Inspires new and inclusive products and services

.Increased market share i.e. friends families, associated of people

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Disability Etiquette tip

If you need to mention a person’s disability, say a “person with a disability” not a “disabled person.”

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Disability Etiquette tip

People prefer to be called by their name

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Disability Etiquette tip

Always ask before giving assistance and let the person tell you what you may do to be helpful.

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The Sani Foundation is a Zambian organisation that aims to facilitate the full inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in Zambia into all aspects of society.

The Sani Foundation is currently providing education, training and employment services to young adults with intellectual disabilities as well as undertaking targeted sensitization and advocacy to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of their human rights and fundamental freedoms The Sani Foundation operates within Lusaka, Zambia and is currently working with male and female persons with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 14 and 25.




Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign [June – Aug 2016]

 Sani Foundation needs your help as a peer-fundraiser to raise money to get more people with intellectual disabilities accessing and benefiting from our services. As a peer-fundraiser, you have an opportunity to convert your enthusiasm for Sani Foundation and our work to money to help us thrive. We need your help to further promote the rights and facilitate the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in Zambia.

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