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Supported Employment


Building on the successes of the Sunshine Zambia Project, the Sani Foundation is currently providing supported employment services to its members through our Employment for Youths with Intellectual Disabilities (Employment DIY) Project Supported employment (SE) is a model used to assist people with disabilities to find, secure and maintain jobs in the open labour market. It is based on international protocols and local legislation that give everyone the right to work and embraces a ‘person-centred’ approach, beginning with the person’s needs, aspirations, talents and skills.
Our Work - Supported Employment
Our Work - Supported Employment (2)
As the organisation’s overall mission is to empower adolescents and young persons with intellectual disabilities, the promotion of supported employment is at the core of its mandate. Through employment and independence of persons with IDs, stigma and existing marginalisation can begin to be overcome and full inclusion of persons with ID become actualised. Within the project, the Sani Foundation is working with employers, government and other non-state actors to advocate for a labour market that is more inclusive of people with intellectual disability starting from policy to action!

Why hire a person with an intellectual disability?

  • great attendance records

  • lower turnover

  • Fresh perspective and business innovation

  • Increased market share i.e. friends families, associated of people with IDs

The bottom line is that it helps your bottom line